Best Cat Food for Older Cats with Bad Teeth

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Is your senior cat suffering from teeth problems? Well, no worries, we have got your back.

Like human beings, when cats grow older they need some extra care and loving. As the cat age, the ability to produce calcium in their teeth and bones gradually decreases. This eventually leads to a dental problem.

However, you can reduce the tooth decay by providing the cat with the right type of food. We have found some of the best cat food for older cats with bad teeth that are loaded with healthy nutrients and minerals.

Our Top Picks

Iams Proactive Health Healthy Senior Dry Cat Food

Iams Proactive Health Healthy Senior Dry Cat Food

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food, Adult 11+ for Senior Cats

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food, Adult 11+ for Senior Cats

Purina Beyond Grain Free, Natural, Adult Wet Cat Food

Purina Beyond Grain Free, Natural, Adult Wet Cat Food

Best Cat Food for Older Cats with Bad Teeth

Purina Beyond Grain Free, Natural, Adult Wet Cat Food

Purina Beyond Grain Free, Natural, Adult Wet Cat Food

The Purina Beyond Grain-Free Wet Cat Food is high in quality and made with real ingredients that cats tend to enjoy. If you’re looking for healthy wet food for your cat with no teeth, then this product is an excellent choice for you.

This product is usually produced in Purina Beyond’s own companies and overseen by in-house cat nutritionists. The primary ingredient of this product is chicken which can provide your cat with a sufficient amount of amino acids. It doesn’t include corn, wheat, soy, added flavors or preservatives.

Since a grain-free formula is used to make this product, therefore it includes alternative sources of carbohydrate like cassava root flour, dried sweet potato, dried fiber, etc. Moreover, naturally preserved beef fat is used in this product’s formula which can work as an energy source as well as make the food appealing to your cat.

The Purina Beyond Grain-Free Wet Cat Food is generally made to ensure your cat’s good digestion and overall health. The chicken of this product operates as an excellent source of protein which is helpful in building and maintaining your cat’s muscle. Besides, the additional alternative carbohydrate sources provide your cat with needed energy.


  • Cats love the taste
  • Affordable
  • Good nutritional value
  • Totally grain-free


  • Emits strong odor

Sheba Perfect Portions Wet Cat Food

Best Cat Food for Older Cats with Bad Teeth 1

Sheba cat food is part of the most noteworthy earning pet food organization on the planet. They’re also owners and manufacturers of other notable brands, for example, Royal Canin, Whiskas, and Imas.

This Sheba Perfect Portion Wet cat food combines three irresistible grain-free recipes such as Savory Chicken, Roasted turkey, and Tender Beef to make mealtime even more delicious. It’s a complete and balanced diet for adult cats, nursing moms or kittens because of its added vitamins, minerals, and fish oil.

The reasons for choosing this pack, it combines three grain-free recipes that cats love and each formula is made with real ingredients such as chicken, turkey, and beef pate in natural juices. You won’t need any can openers as its quick, easy to open trays make mealtime simple. All you’ve to do is just pull the lid and serve it to your cat.

Moreover, this cat food is convenient in size to ensure there are no leftovers and saving you and your refrigerator from messy.


  • Made without grains or corn
  • Essential vitamins and minerals
  • Convenient, easy-peel trays
  • No more leftovers


  • Size is too small

Royal Canin Aging 12+ Thin Slices in Gravy Wet Cat Food

Best Cat Food for Older Cats with Bad Teeth 2

The Royal Canin gravy wet cat food considers every cat as a unique one which is why lifestyle, sensitivities, and age are all crucial considerations to them when it comes to choosing the right dry or wet cat food for your feline.

This product is generally formulated for cats that are 12 years or older. It features a macronutrient profile which is usually liked by adult cats. It includes 3-omega fatty acid which is essential in maintaining your cat’s joints. Therefore, when your cat’s aging, it’ll still remain active and fit.

Moreover, it can keep any type of cat content as it can provide them with an instinctively preferred ration of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. It’s even able to keep your cat’s kidney healthy with the help of controlled phosphorus levels.

This product is generally paired with Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Dry formulas which are designed for a cat’s necessary nutritional needs and instinctive preferences. They’re made with the ideal balance between proteins, fats, and carbohydrates that are able to support long-term satisfaction and operate as the most perfect nutritional supplement.


  • Promotes good joint health
  • Easily digestible for your cat
  • Offers a blend of essential vitamins and minerals
  • Rich in protein for strong muscles


  • Some cats might not like the taste

Best Soft Dry Cat Food for Older Cats with Bad Teeth

Iams Proactive Health Healthy Senior Dry Cat Food

Iams Proactive Health Healthy Senior Dry Cat Food

The Iams Proactive Senior Dry Cat Food is liked by almost all cats, especially adult cats. Therefore, many people have been amazed when they saw how much their cats adored this product. It’s the best soft dry cat food for older cats with bad teeth.

The formula of this product comes with real chicken which is regarded as an essential protein source in the case of this product. However, the main element of this product is whole ground corn.

In many cat foods, protein content is usually considered as the main ingredient. However, this product decided to use whole ground corn as its main ingredient, so that it can simplify the processing of its nibble. It’s necessary for senior cats because their absorption and stomach problems tend to slow down and come around, respectively.

If you have an experienced cat, then it’s necessary that you give it an exceptionally designed cat food. When cats are aging, their nutritional demands change. Besides, they eventually become vulnerable to numerous health problems such as stomach problems, diabetes, etc. which can lead them to reduced versatility.

Fortunately, this product is fully capable to understand the demands of developing cats. Therefore, they’re able to lead a healthy life when they’re aging.


  • Includes omega-3 fatty acids
  • Made with animal-sourced fat
  • Helpful in controlling your cat’s muscle and bones
  • Supports your cat’s immune system


  • Can reduce cat weight

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food, Adult 11+ for Senior Cats

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food, Adult 11+ for Senior Cats

The Hill’s Science Diet dry cat food provides precisely balanced nutrition for cats aged 11 or older. This cat food is easily digestible because of its natural fibers that support a mature cat’s sensitive stomach.

It has vitamin E, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to support healthy skin and coat. This extra multivitamins blend helps to keep your older cat more agile, alert and interactive. Also, to help support a healthy immune system antioxidant and vitamin blend works together.

In case, you’re wondering about the ingredients you’ll be happy to know that for your cat’s health it’s made from natural, high-quality ingredients without any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

The reason for choosing this cat food is because of its ingredients that are easy to digest. Also, it provides optimal nutrients to support eye, heart, kidney and joint health. When it comes to purity and nutrient content it makes no compromise as it’s manufactured in the USA where every ingredient meets strict requirements.

So, give your cat the nutrition she needs for a lifetime of health and happiness.


  • Easily digestible
  • Supports healthy skin and coat
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • No artificial color and flavor


  • The small size of the pellets

Few Things to Know About Dental Problems in Older Cats

Just as in humans, dental disease is also very common and be more severe when cats get older. There are a few things that you should know about dental issues in senior cats.

  • Dental problems can eventually lead to multiple different health complications in the long run. The constant bacteria generation in the mouth may spread through the vital organs and compromise the cat’s health. If you notice that your cat is suffering from dental issues, then you should immediately take it to the vet to have further examinations.
  • There’s a common misconception that dry foods are always a better option than wet cat foods for older cats with teeth problems. As there is no scientific evidence; hence, we suggest you stick with the food that works best for your cat.
  • Cats with diabetes are harder to treat for dental issues. Take the cat immediately to the vet if there are any signs of dental issues such as drooling, bad breath, tartar, tooth discoloration, etc.

Some Tips to Keep the Older Cat’s Teeth Healthy

You can’t stop your beloved pet from aging. However, you can surely take some preventive measures to help them age gracefully. Seniors cats are more prone to develop dental problems and it’s important to maintain proper oral hygiene. We have come up with some quick tips to help you maintain a healthy dental routine in older cats.

  • Senior cats tend to eat less and they usually prefer wet foods better. However, wet foods may get stuck between the gum and teeth. Dry foods help to clean the teeth and scrape plaque off the cat’s teeth.
  • It may sound silly, but brushing the cat’s teeth will help to reduce the dental problem to a great extent. Cats don’t like their teeth touched, so it may take a while for the cat to get used to the process.
  • Regular checkups to the vet are highly recommended for senior cats. Take your cat to the vet at least twice a year even if it’s healthy. This will help you identify any underlying condition and take immediate action to treat it.
  • Ensure that the cat consumes a healthy and balanced diet rich in all kinds of essential nutrients. As they get older, their teeth start to decay. A healthy diet will help the cat to stay in tip-top shape and keep dental problems at bay.

What Kind of Food is Suitable for Old Cats with Bad Teeth?

Soft Dry Cat Food

Dry cat foods have better nutritional value and they’re more convenient as well. Soft dry cat foods are the best option in terms of storage and ease of feeding as well. You can store them for a long time by sealing the bag tightly. Also, soft dry foods are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option.

However, there are some downsides as well. Dry foods have lesser nutritional value and lack of water content as well which will make it harder for the older cats to digest.

Wet Food

Cats love wet cat food that comes in canned, sometimes pre-measured portions. Wet food also helps cats diagnosed with certain medical conditions. According to PetMD, the higher moisture content in most canned wet food helps to flush urinary crystals more easily and minimize the danger of crystal formation as well as dealing dehydration with kidney issues.

If your cat has other health problems then wet cat food may be a good way to keep the cat stay hydrated. However, wet food tends to get stuck in the cat’s teeth which may cause a dental problem in the long run.

The reason why pet parents don’t like wet food because it generally costs more for their volume. Also, in order to keep wet foods fresh and prevent bad smell permeating the rest of the refrigerator, you need appropriately sized lids for open cans.

Importance of Healthy Teeth in Senior Cats

By the age of three, 8 out of 10 cats develop dental problems. The accumulated bacteria from the food debris causes plaque, tartar, bleeding, and a variety of other dental issues in cats. The pain and inflammation caused by unhealthy teeth will lead to weight loss, severe health issues, etc.

older cat with teeth problem

If the bacteria get mixed in the bloodstream then it can affect many important organs. Also, sometimes the pain can become so extreme that some teeth need to be extracted in order to relieve the pain.

This will lead the cat to be unable to eat properly and suffer from many different diseases. Therefore, it’s highly important for the cat to have a healthy set of teeth to live a playful and healthy lifestyle.

How do I tell if the Cat has Dental Issues?

Bad breath in cats is one of the most common complaints of a cat owner. It can happen when your cat has some sort of dental issues. Here are some of the signs and symptoms from which you can know that your cat has dental issues.

  • Bad breath
  • Weight loss
  • Drooling
  • Visible tartar or tooth discoloration
  • Pawing at mouth or teeth
  • Missing or loose teeth
  • Face difficulty when eating
  • Red, bleeding gums

If you see any of the above signs that we’ve mentioned then there’s a high chance that your cat has dental issues.

The reason behind Teeth Problems in Senior Cats

If the teeth are grown abnormally in the mouth then they will eventually collect plaque and tartar. This is because the teeth aren’t cleaned by the natural abrasions due to positioned abnormally in the mouth.

Also, the cat’s mouth can develop and gradually progress dental disease if there’s a lack of examination. So, you need to examine your cat’s teeth by a vet at least once every 12 months. If your cat has dental issues, then depending on the condition should be examined once every 3 to 6 months. It’s better to identify the problem earlier in order to quickly treat it.

Moreover, the diet may also play a crucial role in the progression of some cats with dental disease. If you feed your cat only soft or wet food then there’s little chance to avoid plaque formation.

Final Thoughts

Teeth problems are inevitable in cats, especially for the old ones. Older cats with bad teeth problems require a special diet so that they can easily chew down the food while providing their body with all the necessary nutrients and minerals.

Along with the food, a dental hygiene regime is also important to retain the teeth in good shape. Also, make sure you consult with the vet before you bring any changes in the cat’s diet.

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