Black Maine Coon Cat – Features, Care Guide, & Color!

The black Maine coon cat has several characteristics that make many pet lovers prefer it. If you love felines, then the cat can be among your preferred cats. A cat comes with traits that make it a preferred family pet. The lion-like mane and the black color makes them get the name. Some of the characteristics of the cat include its large feet. The striking size and the piercing eyes make it distinct. It will be among your top picks when looking for a cat to buy. Those who are interested in getting the best cats to prefer it. The cat comes in a comfortable look to assure homeowners value for money. The beautiful cat has been attracting many pet lovers.

What is a black Maine coon cat?

The black Maine coon cat is a cat that comes with dominant black fur. It is a result of breeding Maine coons. Some of the cats in the family have smoke color, but they feature black colors in most cases. The cat is loved by many people. Depending on the size, you can buy a black Maine coon cat from $1000 to$2500. The care of the cat is not too dependent. If you keep other types of cats in your home, you will not find it hard to keep the cat. With attractive fur, you will have a cat that will make you feel good at home. It is among cats that many people have preferred. Opt for the cat, and it will be a great way for you to enjoy your relaxation with the cat.

What you need to know about black Maine coon Cats

The black Maine coon cat has several features. It is essential to check out the several features available on the cat before you can introduce it to your home. Some new cat owners would like to compare the different breeds to know the best to introduce to their homes.

Some of the common features you will find in the cats are:

Heavy and silky long fur coat

If you are after act with thick fur, you will never get inconvenienced after you decide to go for the cat. It has high-quality fur that make it very reliable in everyday life. The black fur with a white undercoat makes it achieve a unique look. There are several homes where the cat has made the owner happy. It is a good companion. Although the fur is thick, they will not often shape, making it easy to keep them in your home.

Lion like muzzle

The chin of the cat has some resemblance to a lion. A ruff around the neck gives the cat has a unique look. You can always rely on the cat to enjoy a great experience at home. The cat can be a great addition to any home with its unique features. Many people interested in making their family enjoy great comfort prefer the cat. Your family members will get to relax with the cat and enjoy great company.

Large and pointy ears

You can differentiate the cat from other cats after looking at the ears. The cat features long and pointy ears. There is fur that extends from the ear tips and the ears, making the cat have a unique look. You will have a unique and attractive cat to keep at home after you opt to get the cat.


If you have a closer look at the cat’s eyes, you will realize it has yellow eyes that make it unique. It is a cat breed that will be unique and comfortable for you. You can always rely on the cat to enjoy great looking cat at home. The eyes of the cat are attractive. Many people get attracted to the cat because of its striking eyes.

Muscular, broad chest

Unlike other breeds of cats, the black Maine coon cat tend to have a muscular and broad chest. The cat has been characterized with a huge chest that makes many people prefer it. If you would like to have a big cat in your home, you can go for the cat, and it will contribute to making you enjoy great success. A big cat is well developed to assure your family a great experience. Get the cat, and it will stand out among your felines.

Long, thick and fluffy tail

Another feature you need to check out to differentiate the cat from others is looking at the tail. It has a long and fluffy tail. In most cases, you will see the cat wagging its tail. If you are attracted to big cats, then you will find the cat among the best to have. It is an attractive cat that tends to stand out from the rest.

Black Maine coon cat size

A fully grown black Maine coon cat can reach an average length of 38 inches. Its height can reach 16 inches. When considering the cat’s size, you will realize it is among the largest domesticated cats. You will be comfortable introducing the cat to your home if you love big cats. A black Maine coon cat will take up to 5 years to reach its full size. A kitten will appear small, but it will grow to become a big cat with time. Several family members across the world keep the cat. It is among the most domesticated cats you can come across. The different features in the cat make it stand out in your everyday life. Count on the cat, and it will contribute to making you enjoy the best experience.

What is the lifespan of a black Maine coon cat

A black Maine coon cat can live for up to 12.5 years. If you ensure it eats the right diet and stays healthy, the cat can live up to 15 years. Several factors can affect the lifespan of the cat. For example, the diet you feed the cat will be among the issues that will affect the cat. The cat’s overall health is another issue you need to check out. To ensure your cat remains healthy and lives for long, ensure it gets enough exercise each day. Introduce climbing poles into the home, and the cat will get the perfect place to work out to stay fit.

Should I keep a black Maine coon cat as a pet?

The cat is the perfect choice for families. It has excellent adaptability. You can introduce it to different homes, and it will easily adapt and start enjoying life. The easy to train cat allows you to teach it various tricks to start playing in your home. First-time pet owners will not have to worry about the cat. It has all that is required to make family members happy. It can easily adapt with other pets at home, such as pets and existing pets.

How to prepare for black Maine coon cat introduction to your home?

If you decide to introduce the cat to your home, there are several steps you need to take and introduce the cat to your home. First, ensure you have enough space where the cat will exercise. Having trees and perches will make the cat enjoy a good stay at home. Lion like facial features makes many homeowners prefer the cat. You will be assured of great feelings at home after introducing it. If you have other pets such as cats and dogs at home, there is no need to worry about introducing them. The cat is well adapted to stay at home and enjoy great comfort. You can always get the cat, and it will be a great addition to any home. It is a friendly cat that you can ever introduce to your home. After you get the high-quality features of the cat, it will work towards making you enjoy great company at home.

How to care for black Maine coon cat?

There are different factors you should consider when caring for the cat. The cat requires the attention of people. If you have other cats at home, they will enjoy staying at home. Here are some of the features that make the cats very attractive in any home setup. Always take good care of the cat to live long to offer your family members the required company.


Your cat needs attention. If you can offer them attention, they will be there well. The cats are known to prefer human attention. Spare time to spend with the cats, and it will be easy for them to enjoy the good life. The cats are easy to live with others. You can always create more time with the cats, and they will be very happy to enjoy your attention at home. In case you see a sign of sickness in your cat, you should seek the services of a veterinary as soon as possible. The cats are known to have resilience to common diseases. The place where the cat stays should be clean at all times. Ensure you take the necessary measures to ensure the cat is safe at all times. Regular vaccination is necessary to avoid cases where the cat will affect by different health complications.


You should stick with food with high-quality proteins. The cats will do well if you can take the necessary measures and give them complete food. The food fed to the cats is denied to assure them the best growth rate. Ensure you feed the cat the correct amount of food so that you can avoid cases where they will eb overweight. When cats are overweight, they will tend to suffer from different health complications. Some cat foods are formulated to help cats in different conditions. For example, if you would like your cat to enjoy good health, there is a need to ensure the cat eats the right food. Research the market to know the right type of foods. They should be high animal proteins to keep your cat healthy.


If you keep the cats indoors most of the time, then you need to ensure they get enough exercise. Buy climbing ropes and other fixtures that will keep the cats comfortable. The cat’s clove climbing and scratches create the perfect place where they will be scratching, and they will start enjoying a good life. If you can get the right fixtures, it will be easy for your cat to start enjoying good life once more.


The black Maine coon cats tend to have a lot of fur. If you want to keep the cat in good shape, be prepared for regular grooming. They are among the most comfortable cats that you can get, and they will assure you the best experience. Several families have cats, and they stand out in making them enjoy the best outdoor experience. Getting a high-quality cat will be a great way to keep your family members company.

Types of black Maine Coon Cats

The black Maine coon cats are mostly black, but there are some variations. There are some homeowners who have certain preferences when getting cats. You should look for the right cats that can make you happy. If you can compare the different types of cats out there, it will be easy to decide about the perfect cats you can get with your family members. The following are some of the types of Maine coon cats you can get out there:

Black Smoke Maine Coon

It is the common type of black Maine coon cat you can find in most homes. The cat comes with solid black fur. It can have a combination of greys and whites in some areas. It will appear to eb darker on the face and chin area. His cats are not prone to illnesses. It is essential to check out the different health complications affecting cat breeds. In most cases, they are healthy cats if you can stick to the right diet.

Solid Black Maine Coon Cat

It is among rare Maine coon cats. It has rick black fur that covers the ears, face and tail. The eyes tend to be yellow, and sometimes they can be brown. It is an attractive cat you can keep at home. Many people who keep the cat are very happy because it has all that is required to enjoy the best experience when at home.

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