Can Cats Eat Pistachios? Here are Some Alternatives for You!

Almost all cat parents are guilty of something. Like, tickling them when they absolutely hate it. Or maybe surprising them in the middle of stealing food from the tabletop. But the most major one that all our friends will unanimously agree upon is giving our feline friends human food.

Sometimes, we aren’t aware of the potential danger that this human food, looking innocent and edible to us, holds for the cats. Unknowingly, the cat owners try to feed these delicacies of the human world to their cats. But the question remains, can we do that?

One such food is of the nut family, namely pistachio. So can cats eat pistachios? Let’s find out!

Cat Diet

To pick the proper cat food, we know that adult cats thrive on high protein food. That protein should be sourced from animals, not plants, is possible. Also, the fat content in the food, as well as the fiber content, should be low and optimal.

The best thing to feed your cat is raw meat, along with other mixes of vegetables and fruits at times. A little green is good for your cats, but not so much that it causes bodily harm.

Can Cats Eat Pistachios?

There are two schools of thought regarding whether or not pistachio or forms of it as food are toxic to cats. Before we comment on that, let’s break down the nutritional benefits of pistachio, just in case you have fed or mean to feed them to your cat.

A member of the nut family, pistachios are rich in vitamins B, E, K, protein, and fiber. It also has low-fat levels and is known to lower blood pressure and reduce risks of heart diseases. Since it is low in fat, it doesn’t cause weight gain in humans.

are pistachios bad for cats

So it seemingly looks like it is a good treat and should not harm your cat. That’s what the first school of thought believes in; that you can feed pistachios to your cat in a very, very, very small amount. Maybe one pistachio nut after 5-7 days. However, an issue associated with cats and pistachios is that they can’t have salted pistachios, only regular ones. And even if your cat eats these, the pistachio nuts or such nut-based meals can never be a substitute for the carnivorous meal that is suited for cats to eat.

The second school of thought believes that you should never feed pistachios to your cats. Since cats are carnivores, they should be fed food meant for them. They need animal-protein based diets. If you feed them something plant-based, they can’t synthesize the nutrients from plant-based meals and, as a result, turn out to be unhealthy and disease-prone.

Risky or Right

Digestive Issues

No matter what school of thought you choose to believe in, either of them does not deny that pistachios are very high in fiber for the cat body and digestive system, hence may cause constipation.

If you have planned to give your cat one pistachio because it is killing you for one, remember to remove the outer shell for them, as the rough shell may cause severe gastrointestinal distress.

Pancreatic Issues

Although pistachios have less fat than almonds and cashews, their fat level is high for cats. This is so much that it can easily cause them obesity and weight-related diseases. And as we know, too much of this high-fat content food causes pancreatitis in cats, and we definitely don’t want that.

Choking Hazard

The shell can get stuck inside your cat’s throat or may get stuck in the intestinal tract to cause excretory problems.


Can cats have pistachio ice cream?

Can cats have pistachio ice cream?

No. As this is rich in carbohydrate and fat content, you shouldn’t feed these to your cat. But if you have previously fed it to them without distress, an extremely tiny amount to taste will do!

Can I feed my cat pistachio fudge?

No, You should not feed your cat pistachio fudge.

Is It Safe for Kittens?

Although not explicitly poisonous to cats, are these safe for kittens? The wise thing that you can do is not feed these to your kitten. You should only stick to animal-protein based meals for your cats.

Alternatives to Pistachios

  1. Buying green-colored treats for your cats that are based on animal protein.
  2. Getting nut-shaped treats that resemble pistachios.
  3. Don’t eat pistachios in front of them!
  4. Contact poison control if you see signs of physical distress in your cat, and don’t feed them these nuts again.

Final Words

So, are pistachios bad for cats? As long as it is in small amounts, they can digest almost any human food, but maybe not pistachio.

You have to keep in mind that the benefit that you are trying to give your cat from pistachios can be gotten from alternative sources. So although not “bad,” they aren’t as good either!