Flame Point Siamese Cat | Personality, Price and Adoption

It is an almost undeniable fact that cats are adorable. Regardless of what breed they might be, these curious beings will never cease to be cute in our eyes. Flame point Siamese cats are not an exception to this case either. This brings up the question, what are flame point cats?

Also referred to as the Red Point Siamese, these cats are the result of the breeding between an American red-toned shorthair and a pure Siamese cat. Basically, when a white Siamese breeds with an orange shorthair, the darker color will be inherited by the offspring only on some areas, which are known as ‘points’ on their bodies.

These endearing beings are super friendly and they will always make sure to smother you with their love if you treat them right. However, if you’re new to keeping this cat breed as a pet, there’s still a lot left for you to learn.

Don’t worry though, because we will be covering everything there is to know about flame point Siamese in this article today. Read on to find out more!

Things to Know About Flame Point Siamese

From here on out, we will be sharing with you a few insights into flame point Siamese personality, as well as their diet and what you should look out for.

The Flame Point Siamese’s Usual Mannerisms

Since you are reading this article, we will be assuming that you might be considering getting a cat soon.

If that is so, we think the most important factor you should be aware of is your future cat’s personality. The flame point is, by nature, a very clingy cat. For cat-lovers, this is a real treat.

However, this too has its own downside to it. More often than not, your flame point will suffer from depression and/or anxiety if you leave it alone for too long. If you’re a busy person, we would suggest you to get another pet who will keep your cat company when you cannot tend to it.

But still, do make sure you play with it for a while every day because these cats cannot survive a day without their “hooman” giving them enough attention! Since they are really playful, you should get them a toy which lets them jump around the house.

A quick note: flame points also love to talk- or meow that is, and they usually do so at the top of their lungs.

What Is The Average Flame Point Siamese Price?

Those who have a strict budget to maintain, the flame point is probably not the right cat for you. Since they are pretty rare to find, flame point Siamese cats are generally high-priced. Yes, you might find one at your neighbor’s place who claims to be a “breeder”, but we urge you to not be fooled by that.

The usual price range of a flame point falls within $400 to $2k+, but this too is subject to change depending on your location. Well-renowned breeders usually keep such a high price tag on these cats because they need to be kept in optimum condition at all times.

After birth, a flame point Siamese kitten will have to be taken to the vet and vaccinated two times per week. Moreover, a proper diet also has to be maintained and they constantly need to be monitored for hereditary illnesses.

Due to their high demand in the market, these kittens are often very hard to find, which explains why you might have returned home from the breeder empty-handed on several occasions. This also explains why it is so difficult to find a flame point Siamese for adoption.

Common Flame Point Health Issues and Their Solutions

Speaking of health issues, this is a factor that you must look into before getting your cat. Red-points are prone to several health infirmities, which include but are not limited to:

Retinal Atrophy

This is an eye-related problem that affects flame point Siamese cats. In this condition, the cells in the light-sensitive area of their eyes get damaged. This results in a gradual loss in eyesight and selective blindness in bright conditions.

How to know if your cat has retinal atrophy? Try checking their pupils to see if they stay dilated all the time. Moreover, you could run a little test and try throwing a ball to your cat in bright light if you suspect that he/she might be suffering from this illness.

Unfortunately, this disease is incurable, but you can still reduce the likelihood of the sickness forming if you feed your cat a diet rich in protein from an early age.


Arthritis is painful enough as it is for humans, so we can only image how bad it might be for cats. While most cats will face this issue when start growing older, but there are several factors that come into play here.

One of them being accidents. If your pet has been injured in the past, or has other conditions such as obesity, chances are that they will develop arthritis earlier on in life.

While you cannot prevent accidents from occurring, but you can lengthen the time your cat stays healthy by regulating their diet. A well-fed cat will be less susceptible to illnesses, which will also prevent you from splurging all that extra cash.


PICA falls in the category of diseases that affect both humans and cats. In this condition, your cat will resort to eating various inedible items. Due to this, their digestive system will be a mess and this in turn will give rise to numerous other health issues such as constipation, blood in the feces, etc.

Sadly, you cannot combat PICA with any treatments since scientists are still unable to find a cure to it. However, you could move the inedible item that your cat likes to snack on, away from its reach.

When doing so, please remember to keep your cat busy with some other form of entertainment so as to not disclose the location of the item to them.

Flame Point Siamese Diet

In most cases you can opt for a combination of dry and wet foods for your red-point. However, you need to be wary of the fact that cats are naturally carnivorous. That said, it is essential that their diet is rich in protein.

In fact, you should always go for a cat food brand which offers up to 25% protein in their foods and has whole meats like chicken or turkey, etc. Both wet and dry foods have their own advantages.

If your flame point Siamese is suffering from loose motion or dental problems such as excessive plaque on the teeth, try feeding it some dry foodstuffs. Due to its rough texture, once in the mouth, the dry food will help scrap away at the excess plaque on your cat’s teeth, thus decreasing the chances of dental decay.

Conversely, wet food is more suitable for your cat if they are constipated or have dry skin- which is the root cause behind dandruff.

The logic behind this is pretty straightforward; the water in the wet food will be evenly distributed throughout your pet’s body, and therefore cause your cat to produce smoother stool, and moisturize your pet’s skin.

Maintenance of the Red-Point Siamese

You will be happy to know that grooming flame point Siamese cats is a very easy feat. In fact, you do not even have to brush their fur coat every other day. Once or twice a week should suffice so as to keep the shedding at a minimum.

Depending on how well-behaved your cat is, you might not even have to take them for a manicuring session every week.

Is Training a Flame Point Easy?

As a matter of fact, yes it is. Now, we won’t say that it is extremely easy to get these cuties to follow your every command from the get-go. But, if you’ve had previous experience with a dog, you can train your flame point in pretty much the same way.

The trick is to not give up with these cats. You will have to invest some amount of time behind teaching your cat how to sit, fetch and roll over if you want it to act like a real house cat.

While we are on that topic, you should also know what forms of exercise is necessary for your pet. As mentioned before, the flame point Siamese is a very playful cat. For this reason, you should only get one if you have a house that is big enough to accommodate the rather hyper cat.

Don’t have a large floor plan? Don’t fret! You can always get extra accessories for your cat to play with. Side by side, you could even invest in a cat condo for your pet so that they have more space all to themselves.

On the same note, the infamous laser light should be a must-have item on your list for your cat.


Flame point Siamese are one the best of its kind for reasons stated above and more. Not only are they super friendly, but they are also relatively easy to maintain and like every other pet, they are great at boosting your mood!

Cats, by nature, are pretty high-maintenance animals. However, with the right equipment and knowledge, even a beginner will be able to look after it properly.

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